Grow Tents & Boxes

Whether you’re a total beginner embarking on your first grow or a seasoned veteran of cannabis cultivation, a quality grow tent or grow box can be a great addition to your garden. In addition to allowing cannabis cultivation without the necessity of an entire room dedicated to growing, grow tents are a great way to limit wasted lumens and offer an increased level of protection to the stealth cannabis cultivator thanks in part to their scent containment.

The standard features on a grow tent include reflective lining on the walls, usually some sort of air intake and/or air outtake location, a special location for hanging your lights, fan(s), thermometer / hygrometer, etc. Velcro and/or zippers are used to close the tents up and higher quality tents usually have additional flaps to cover the zippers and prevent light leakage.

Grow tents and boxes also have a few other advantages. Temperature, humidity and lighting levels are all easily managed and maintained within a grow tent or box, as is light pollution. Grow tents are particularly well suited to use as drying and curing tents, as well. A good grow tent or box also goes a long way to protecting your crop from unwanted pests. And, in the unlikely event that you develop serious mold or mildew problems, such issues will be contained within your grow tent rather than being free to spread through an entire room.

Some of the most reputable manufacturers of grow tents and grow boxes include Bud Box, Hydrohut, Sun Hut, High Tech Garden Supply (HTG Supply) and Grolab, with prices starting at under $100 and going up to upwards of $1000. Secret Jardin is another popular and fairly renowned manufacturer of midrange and higher quality grow tents. Prices on their grow tents generally start around $150 and up, while Secret Jardin also makes a variety of other growing equipment, including propagation and drying tents.

Then there are the Gorilla Grow Tents that have debuted at hemp festivals and medical marijuana conventions over the last few years. These tents are kind of the crème de la crème of the grow tent industry and they are quickly earning a good reputation for themselves. These beastly tents come with optional venting locations galore, excellently waterproofed floors and an optional height extension that can be added to your tent if you need more vertical space.

Equipped with double-stitched, extra thick, reinforced fabric that is truly lightproof, Gorilla Grow Tents also come with large, easy-to-access zippers. Compared to the plastic poles included for use with most other grow tents, the Gorilla line of tents all come with solid metal, interlocking poles. Rated to support up to 300 lbs., you’ll be able to hang your lights and other equipment with ease.

Unfortunately, because they are such high quality grow tents these bad boys are not the friendliest option for the budget-minded grower. Pricing on the smallest Gorilla Grow Tent (a 2’ x 2.5’ x 5’11” tent) starts at $220. plus shipping and handling, and the next tent is over $300. after which prices rise steeply through the multi-hundreds and into the thousands of dollars.

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