Random Tools of the Trade: Zip Ties, Duct Tape & Twine

As the force that binds the universe together, your grow room would be incomplete without a roll of duct tape, but there are several other useful tools you should have on hand as well. These include twine, zip ties, scissors and several other tools that will comprise your cannabis aid kit.

Zip ties are useful for tying up the limbs of your plant as well as for use with low stress training (LST) techniques designed to maximize your yield. For more flexibility to make adjustments over time, another option is twine; sold in garden supply store everywhere, twine is great for tying up limbs or securing branches down when you’re doing LST.

Duct tape has found about a million uses that it’s better for than taping up ducts, so it’s little surprise that industrious potheads the world over have applied it in the grow room with great effects. Indeed, when it comes to taping up an accidentally broken branch or supporting an over enthusiastically super-cropped limb, duct tape is one of the best options.

To support a broken or damaged limb, cut an appropriate length of duct tape and wrap it around the site of the wound. Use gentle but firm force to secure the tape, wrapping it around itself 2 – 3 times or more for additional support. Depending on the severity of the injury, your plant should begin repairing the wound within days. Within 5 – 10 days you should be able to remove the tape gently; if you peel the tape back too soon and see that the limb is still too weak to support itself, simply rewrap the tape and leave it in place for a few more days.

Another good item to have on hand is a quality magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe. Not only it is awesome to examine your growing buds while they’re still on the plant, but sometimes you also need to get a closer, more detailed look at what’s going on amongst your plants.

A magnifying glass can help you identify and catch pests before they have a chance to thoroughly infest your crop, and you can also gender your plants earlier with the use of magnifying glass. Finally, come harvest time, that magnifying glass will let you get a nice, close look at the trichomes on your buds to determine if it’s time to harvest or not.

Finally, scissors and a bottle of rubbing alcohol are two things you’ll need. You can use the scissors at any stage of your grow to trim, shape and top your plants to maximize yield, but you’ll definitely need a good, sharp pair come harvest time. You’ll also need that bottle of rubbing alcohol and a pair of latex gloves, because cannabis bud is one sticky substance.

Note: when cutting, trimming or manicuring your bud, avoid touching your eyes or face. Cannabis contains many compounds that will irritate sensitive membranes, potentially causing inflammation, itching and/or swelling of the affected area.

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